I’ll set up Apple Mail to use our Outlook.com email address using IMAP. As you’ll find out shortly, this isn’t simply the case of entering your email address and password. Since Outlook.com has supported only POP, until recently, Apple Mail’s automatic configuration of email accounts will default to setting up any Outlook.com email address as a POP3 account. First, I have to trick Mail so that it allows us to set up an account manually, allowing us to specify the new details.

To set up Apple Mail to use Outlook.com, launch Mail and then, using the menu, select Mail > Preferences. Select the + icon to add a new account.


If you don’t already have an account set up in Apple Mail, this will appear automatically.

Mail will provide a step-by-step guide to adding a new mail account. Enter your name and then your Outlook.com email address but make sure to change the .com to .mac. The reason for this is that as soon as Mail notices you’re attempting to use an Outlook.com email address, it will automatically configure it for POP access.


I don’t want that so I have to trick Mail into using a wrong email address so it doesn’t attempt to set it up automatically.

Once you’ve entered your email address in the format @outlook.mac, Mail should then attempt (and fail) to verify.

I can now configure the Incoming Mail Server. Enter a suitable description and the IMAP serve setting for Outlook.com is:


Change the User Name from outlook.mac to outlook.com.


I can now configure the Outgoing Mail Server. Just as before, enter a descriptive account name and the mail server setting to use this time, is:


The outgoing mail server requires authentication, so make sure this option is checked and ensure the User Name is your full Outlook.com email address and that it is changed from outlook.mac to outlook.com.



The final step of this process will provide an overview for all the mail settings. As Outlook.com’s IMAP supports secure connections, I don’t need to change anything else. What I do need to change, however, is our incorrect email address that I used at the beginning. Click *Create* to finish the setup and then select *Mail > Preferences* from the menu bar.


Head to the Accounts tab and change the email address from outlook.mac to outlook.com. This will ensure that emails you send appear from the correct account and recipients can reply correctly.

Now that I have my account set up, I’ll ensure that Apple Mail uses the existing folders that Outlook.com has been using.

Apple Mail prefers to store messages such as sent and deleted items in its own default folders, but that doesn’t mean I have to use them. Outlook.com already sets up these folders for us so it makes sense to use them. For example, if I use both the web interface and the Mac but don’t update the settings in Apple Mail, emails sent via the web interface will be stored the Sentfolder whilst Apple Mail puts them in a folder called Sent Messages.


As soon as you’ve added your Outlook.com account to Apple Mail, you’ll likely see the following folders: DeletedJunk and Sent.

Select the Deleted folder first and then, using the menu, select Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For… and choose the option Trash.

Repeat the process for the Junk and Sent folders. Drafts isn’t required as, coincidentally, Outlook.com and Apple Mail already use a folder of the same name.