1.) Click on the Accounts tab & then click on the add Email icon.
2.) Type in the Email Address, Password, & Display Name.  Check the box for “Manually configure server settings”. And then click Next.
3.) On the incoming side type in the Server Address, Port & Username.  On the outgoing side type in the Server Address, Port, & make sure you check the box for “Requires authentication”. And then click Next.** Please note that the Domain Name used for the configuration here is ‘q.com’For Free Email Service / Email Hosting Plans
***For POP configuration
Account Type: POP
Incoming Mail Server: pop.your-domain-name (eg: pop.demomonkey.org)
Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.your-domain-name(eg: smtp.demomonkey.org)***For IMAP configuration,
Account Type: IMAP
Incoming Mail Server: imap.your-domain-name(eg: imap.demomonkey.org)
Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.your-domain-name(eg: smtp.demomonkey.org)
4.) Click Finish.
5.) Once back to the main screen click on the send/receive icon to get your mail.
You have successfully configured your Email Address to your Email Client ‘Outlook Express’
You can try sending a Test Email and Test the Accounts Settings.